One of the main reasons people choose to live within the Sanctuary, is the feeling of security and safety a “gated community” gives the residents.

A “gated community” also means that access to the complex is restricted to residents and their friends. So no one is inside the complex without the permission of the onsite managers or the residents.

People feel safer at night even if they do shift work and they are away from their families at odd hours. They know that their family is always safe when their family is home alone, living in the Sanctuary.

Another important aspect is that children are safer playing and enjoying the facilities within the Sanctuary. They find is easy to meet other children and make friends while residents can keep a watchful eye on their children’s activities.

The roads within the Sanctuary are safe, have strict rules and controls to enhance that safety. The Sanctuary has a speed restriction to help keep residents safe and reduce traffic noise past their home.

Gated communities like the Sanctuary give residents a real sense of “community”: you can choose to become more involved with your neighbours or not.
For families that may be new to the area or have immigrated from overseas, the Sanctuary provides a safe and friendly way to make new friendships, learn about Hamilton and its environment and learn more about the “Kiwi” way of life.

Finally, having property managers living within the Sanctuary contributes to the smooth running of the complex, adding to the reputation of the Sanctuary being a safe and tranquil place to live. Add to that security patrols and video surveillance cameras, as much as can be done is being done to keep residents and their property safe and secure.