The Sanctuary Facilities

How many people would love to have full gym/sauna, pool and spa facilities alongside a tennis court just meters from their front door? You get that and more as a resident of the Sanctuary.
The large pool complex that is fully maintained exclusively for the residents includes a main pool, a child’s paddler pool and a large hot spa pool to soak away your aches and pains. It is open from 9 in the morning until 9 at night and in summer you can often find up 50 people lying in and around the big pool.
If you want to work up a sweat before you use the pool you have a couple of options. One is to have a game of tennis on the tennis court which is right next to the pool complex. The other is to visit the large gym in the club rooms which opens at 7am in the morning. The gym is fully equipped with an impressive array of top quality equipment including 2 saunas.
Pool-table Table-tennis

These club rooms also contain other facilities for the residents. The next room along from the gym is set up with table tennis and a pool table. The following room is a movie theatre with a full size screen which is available for residents to bring their DVD’s along and play them when they want to entertain a larger crowd.

The last room in the club rooms is the party room which has been very well used. This has a full sized kitchen facility with plenty of tables and seating for those larger special occasions. It has been used for birthday parties, 21st parties, engagements parties and generally anytime you need more space with the added advantage of not having to mess up you own place when you entertain large groups. This is one of the best used facilities that people have really enjoyed.
There is also a large grasses area with a seated area to enjoy the sun and have a BBQ with friends and family.